How to increase rp in pubg mobile – gamers guide

Gaming industry is on boom from past few months, when it come battle ground games fortnite, pubg, codm, free fire has dominate the industry. But pubg is still on trending because of it’s gameplay, regular new update and reward system that depend on various factors. But main is RP system in PUBG MOBILE on which your are rewarded in game. pubg offer two types of Royal Pass free and elite for UC cash. Where of most of the player don’t know how to increase rp in pubg mobile for them there is some tips to increase there rp in pubg.


  • Free RP users only get rewarded till 60 RP.
  • 1 RP is equal to the 100RP points.

how to increase rp in pubg mobile

Easiest way of getting RP is daily login, from daily login you get 10 RP points. Pubg one season is almost 3 month long which is around 120 days or in some case season may get extend for 5-10 days that means you definitely get 12 RP only by daily login.


Another way to increase RP in pubg is by daily mission. Daily mission is for 30 RP points for completing mission everyday you get new mission. These mission have time limit of 3 days and these missions are much easier than challenge mission. by completing them you easily made to the 30 RP.



Best way to increase your RP is by completing challenge mission these are much difficult as compare to the daily mission and more specified how to complete. In challenge mission RP points are varies according to the missions from 50 – 100 points. by these you get most RP that almost more than 50 RP.


how to increase rp in pubg mobile

These method is not for all user but this is bit economically as compare to free methods, buying Elite royal pass against 600 UC and unlock reward till 100 RP. Moreover, some additional mission also unlock which boost in increasing RP or we can directly buy RP from pubg store



# BONUS TIP to increase RP in pubg mobile  

  1.  Choose the server which you don’t usually use to play for completing mission and get easier lobbies.
  2.  Experience the new events for easy kills.
  3. In arena matches you can complete guns kill mission easily.
  4. Arcades matches are short and good for completing mission

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