PUBG is one of the most popular game right now. where it required active internet connection and high configuration mobiles for playing. But some users also want to enjoy the same gaming experience on offline mode with low end mobile with only 1 GB RAM. Number of downloads for offline games like pubg is continuous increasing on gradually phase. Moreover, pubg viewership is also degrading due to many reasons. So for the new user there is top 5 offline games like pubg under 100MB or offline battle ground games like pubg.


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giant. io battle ground

it’s not wrong to say that is lite version of fortnite because characters provide that cartoonish looks that is similar to fortnite. But main feature of the game is provide both options for playing online and offline. while in offline real time bots and in online with 30 other players at same time. All purpose of the game pick our parachute enjoy insane battle field experience and become last man standing in one of main features a unique system that will gradually boost you into “giant” with every kill you earn, making it easier to rule the combat zone. Just stay strong and become a giant literally!

There are numerous reasons that in list of offline games like pubg under 100MB


Game size: 75 MB
Android version: Android 4.1 or above
RAM: 512 MB or above
availability: Free
firing squad battle ground
Firing  squad is one of the modern world war game for survival which is available for offline users. Some of main feature of game is High-Quality Graphics & engaging sound effects,Scavenge and loot weapons, supplies, and equipment, Battle against the unknown squad in the best shooting game, Explore the vast battleground as a survival shooter, Survive in Firing squad Battleground shooter 3d. Overall this is full pack for real gamers who want to enjoy the intense gaming battle without internet.
survival instinct battle royal OFFLINE GAMES LIKE PUBG UNDER 100MB
When it’s come offline game like pubg under 100 MB survival instinct is one of the best game to experience real battle field, where you skydiving isolated land finding guns, ammo, heath booster, med kit and more becoming last man standing in the game. In Survival Instinct, you should gather these resources as soon as possible to combat against several opponents. Each fight round feels like a new adventure and it’s time to gain experiences to kill more enemies and win the overall battle.
Game size: 55 MB
Android version: Android version 4.1 or above
RAM: 512 MB or above.
Price: Free
rules of survival
Rule of survival is another alternative or clone app of pubg which offers almost same feature but one add-ons feature is instead 100 players it offers 120 players at same time which leads to more intense fight for the users. Moreover, this game have some additional weapons, cars which increase the players interests. But honestly some time game have some issue related to the lag and stability, where some are more interactive than rest of FPS shooting games.
pixels fps royal battle ground
As it is evident from the name game is followed by the pixels far from the reality but real shooting game and fall in love with nice pixel graphics. Game start with hot drop to the distance island, finding the stuff and enjoy PvP fight, survive as longest as u can. The one unique feature you will find in pixel is auto shooting, low graphics used for smooth game play. Truly speaking this game is much better than other pubg clone games on play store.
Game size: 21 MB

Android version: Android 4.1 or above
RAM: 512 MB or above
Price: Free

In last this is the best offline games like pubg under 100MB and also in trending nowadays. for more update please follow us.

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