PUBG top player list is here i hope your favorite players are also in the list lets start that:- 

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PUBG is the most played game all around the world. Where in the emerging Esports industry pubg is dominating over all other games and this is due to the continuous increase in viewership & download pubg is most played, streamed game this year. So in India pubg is the most hyped game right now players like to watch the gameplay of there favourite pubg players. here is the list of some top players of the INDIA it is difficult to rank them so tried cover almost all player without ranking them. lets start that :-

  •  Jonathan – TSM-Entity

jonathan pubg player

Jonathan real name is  Amaral he is assaulter in the entity gaming he is the only person who managed to bring his team in top 5 of PMCO final championship finish on the fourth spot with 16 kills and MVP of the team. Further he always fearlessly take close range fight which make him best pubg player in India without any doubt more than 1million YouTube subscriber.

1st – PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers

5th – PMCO Fall

4th – Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open


mortal pubg player

Mortal real name is Naman Mathur he is the most famous pubg player of India and the professional gamer and one of the deadliest pubg player of the team soul. He almost played every champion tournament and he is the only one who represent India on the global level with chicken dinner but his performance not yet best at that time. In india he is the most followed PUBG mobile player with more than 5.5 million subscriber on YouTube.

  • Sc0utOP – Orange Rock

scout pubg player

Scoutop real name is Tanmay Singh he have his different identity in the Indian gaming community and he crossed the remark of 2 million subscriber on the YouTube in very short time of span. His ability of performing in close fight is unmatched as compare to any order pubg players. Mostly he do live steaming almost very day and have his own unique 4 claw gaming setup that makes him deadly pubg player in the community.

  • Clutchgod – Entity

clutchgod pubg player

clutchgod real name is Vivek Aabhas he is one the youngest pubg player of the India. He is the only player who played with team soul and entity. In PMPL he was the top fragger in the whole tournament with most aggressive play style kill which left everyone in the shock to think twice about that new talent pubg player. He almost have more than 200k subscriber on the YouTube.

  • Owais – Fnatic

owais pubg player

owais real name is Mohammed Owais Lakhani he was former member of the team soul but due to the reasons they have to spilt and form new team fnatic but last year his performance was incredible with win in PMIS and PMAS in the end. recently there is rapid increase of fan following of the pubg players and YouTube too with more than 520k subscriber.

  • Seervi – SynerGE


seervi pubg player

seervi real name is Naresh Seervi Kumar he was most underrated pubg player but trough his gaming skills he make himself stand out from all the other players but his performance in the tournament was not remarkable but at the same time he is the great fraggers in the team. In his last tournament he has most memorable movement in the pubg mobile tournament history when he clutched 1vs3 versus eventual champions. along with that they also able to make in world league this year again in the row. He just created the YouTube channel seervi gaming.

  •  Franky – Fnatic

franky pubg player

Franky real name is gaurav rawat despite he is new to the list but his performance in the pubg mobile tournaments was incredible with past few time his reflexes are improved and become a main fragger player in the team with continuous growth in the pubg tournaments while other player are struggling for survival and his YouTube journey is just started with +150k subscriber from past few motnhs

  • MAVI- Orange Rock

mavi pubg player

Mavi real name is Harmandeep singh  he is one of the best indian pubg mobile player right now. he is the most ranked player in the IGL and top fragger of the team. In the PMPL his team took massive 10 chicken dinner and he also made his name in the top 10 leaderboard for kills and 1st in the PMPL SA league stage and also qualified for the PMWL and on YouTube almost 400k subscriber.


zgod pubg player

Zgod real name is Abhishek  Choudhary he is another  name behind the success of tsm entity gaming before jonathan he is the player who come out and proof his presence in the team also in the Indian pubg gaming. With his deadly game play and having ability to carry his team single handed. He was the 7th highest fragger in the PMPL South Asia League stage and he was awarded the Annihilator award for being the player with the most amount of damage. zgod have just crossed 100k subscriber on YouTube.

  • Slayer – INSIDIOUS

slayer pubg player

slayer real name is kanshik shah he is the another respected player in the India pubg community. he was in the list because of his sniping skills he is in the top in the list without any doubt he is one of oldest player who played  PMIS, PMCO fall split prelims with TeamIND.Due to his consistent better performance and MVPs he make slot in the PMWL also.


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