PLAYERS UNKNOWN BATTLEGROUND PUBG is the most played game on mobile which is available for both android and ios users. Game is become so popular in very short of time due to it’s realistic graphics and intensive gameplay. Game has brooked many records in gaming industries from most downloaded game to most streamed game. But from the last few months there was gradual drop in the viewership in games that is due to the various reasons. So for the gamers there is top 5 games like pubg for android or pubg alternative.


fortinte mobile

Without any doubt FORTNITE is best alternative to the pubg because Fortnite Battle Royale is the world’s biggest battle Royale game in the esports market. the game is highly popular in it’s genre, which Available to play on mobiles, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite follow the legacy of its PC version. It offer an artistic, even cartoonish, graphic design main focus of the game is its survival coop or so-called story mode that provides features like building bases and defending against hordes of enemies. The game play is on another level from its futuristic gameplay to cartoonish character everything is up to mark. Moreover, this game is not an easy game which is available for all but for wining you have grind allot. Inshort this game is mainly for the professional esport players. so that’s why this game should not taken as granted.

The biggest advantage is that unlike PUBG Mobile, Fortnite on your smartphone supports cross-platform functionality, so that you can compete against PC and console players. The game is a masterpiece that everyone should try.


garena free fire

This game is for all the the users especially who have not played any game yet which is freely available for android and ios platform. Game android download are much more as compare to the ios downloads. Garena free fire is not so popular but it is the closet alternative for pubg mobile and also compatible with low-end mobile. Free fire is all about survival on the remote island with 50 other shooters. Players are free choose starting positions, weapons and supplies to extend battle life in game. Battleground shrinks as time goes on the game is only 10 mint long only you can enjoy real battlefield experience in very short time.

The most prominent place where game shine for its unique characters, guns and very well optimized for the gamers. So Free Fire must be in the list of top 5 games like pubg for android.


call of duty mobile top 5 games like pubg

Our childhood favorite game and one of the most popular game call of duty mobile ( CODM ) is now available for the mobile users. This is the most renowned game in the list. CODM mobile version was launched last October as a successor of PC and gaming console. As a main competition of pubg and launched by same developer tencent, till now with more than 250+million downlands, with estimated revenue of $327 million by June 2020.

same as pubg 100 players jump from plane to identified places for guns and enjoy the battlefield experience. Where game is rewarding in nature it keep you overwhelmed with achievements, guns attachment, perks and more. CODM offers plenty of modes which make you busy in game and makes the game fun to play.

Overall, we highly recommend players to check out the Call of Duty Mobile. Please remember to share your experience with us in the comments section.


black survival

If you like above mentioned games than you definitely also like to play BLACK SURVIVAL

Black Survival is a last-man-standing, Battle Royale style PvP game by ARCHBEARS. Which offers 20 minute match against 9 other players total 10 players on deserted island and fight for survival, focusing on wining. The island is divided into 22 areas; including Hospital, Forest, Beach etc and battlefield area is restricted as time passes.


battlelands royale

This game is available for both android and ios users, and almost same battlefield experience but with twist. Match is only 3-5 minute long with 32 players in real time battlefield Its real time action shooter fps game. With cartoonish characters which make game more interesting to the user in a very simple way. so that’s why battle lands survival is in the list of top 5 games like pubg for android.


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